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The Failure Analysis of Steering System




Eliminate method



Valve body, pan, and stator.

Wash again

the destroyed axial diameter

replace rubber ring

because of the rough washer of limit bolt

rubdown or replace

Steering heaviness

shortage of oil pump supply

Steering slowly, the pan is light; steering quickly, the pan is heavy.

choose a proper oil pump or check valve

the air in steering system.

foam in the oil;  and unnormal sound; oil box can not running

remove the air from system, and check oil tie-in

less oil,

add to stated height

heavy viscosity

replace  viscosity

the steel ball in the valve body.

no steering pressure

replace steel ball or wash

the pressure of diverter valve lower than work pressure or dirty.

empty load is light, if add load is heavy

adjust pressure of diverter valve

or wash diverter valve

Steering failure

the disjunction of  spring

steering wheel can not back to middle place

replace the spring

the disjunction or distortion of pin

it cannot running

replace pin

disjunction or distortion

it can not running

replace universal

driving shaft

rotor and

universal driving shaft fixed in opposite position

the rotation of steering wheel


the steel bal is locked by dirt.

truck is went on errands ,and oil box can not running

wash double valve

Steering wheel can’t automatism recur middle

(1) steering limb and valve plug are not in same heart

(2) valve plug is jacked by steering limb

(3) resistance

(4)the disjunction of  spring

the steering cannot work normally

Not manpower steering

the big clearance between

rotor and stator

steering system and oil box can not work normally

replace rotor and stator

Steering system fault and eliminate method



Eliminate method

turning quickly, the steering wheel will can  not work

the block of control valve

repair or replace

Flux control staff fray


the oil pressure too lower

the valve can not lock


oil pressure hyper-safe vale adjust pressure

the valve can not open


Safe vale noise

the libration of safety valve


the oil temperature is too high

the valve cannot open


Motor idling ,the steering operate difficulty

the safe valve can not lock



repair or replace

Flux control staff fray


the change  of steering


the libration of safety valve



repair or replace

Flux control fray


it is difficult to operate

the valve can not lock



repair or replace



Hydraulic system troubleshooting

Problem parts






Hydraulic system

pressure is not enough

parts are too damaged

Remove and check the pump , repair or change the wearied parts

Noise in the pump

Broken bearing , gear scrape the pump body

Remove and check the pump, for example, change the broken bearing

No enough oil or no oil

Oil pump twisted, the channel gets small, bearing broken, and gear scraped the pump and made the clearance too large, oil leakage. Bearing and gear are locked with pump body tightly.

Clean the dirty or change new one, change the gear ,if necessary change the gear pump .

Control valve

Hydraulic pressure is not enough, namely that operation valve handle lift or tilt is not slow.

Control valve and safe valve pressure is low.

Using the pressure meter to check the hydraulic. Adjust the safe valve pressure to 120kgf/cm

safe Valve spring is broken or twisted

Check the spring, if necessary, change it .

Taper surface is damaged

Wear out the surface valve

Control valve broken badly

Check the valve leakage, If leakage badly, it need to change new rod or plating chrome on rod.

steering booster

steering wheel

can not turn .

Augmenter crash with truck frame.

Check it was collided or not, If it was collided, should adjust and fasten it, if piston rod was twisted, should change new one.

Augmenter seize up

(1) Safe valve pressure is low

(2) Safe valve and spring were twisted ever during.

(3) Safe valve rustily, lock or valve seat broken.

(4) Elbow oil pump conk out.

(5) Rod or piston was locked.

(6) Slide valve locks with slot.

(7) Oil proof seal broken

(8) Slide valve broken

Obviate the trouble for elbow

(1) Adjust the pressure of safe valve

(2) Change new spring

(3) Remove and check , change it if necessary

(4) According the trouble of oil pump

(5) Turning wheel to leave the ground, first check the rod, then turn the panel, if it is impossible, remove it and weed out trouble.

(6) Repair or change

(7) Change


Working cylinder

leakage cylinder

packing was damaged or weared out


Incline is difficult

Plug lock with loop or piston twisted

Repair or change it , if curve, revise or changed it .

plug falls fast

Throttle valve can not work.

Check the valve , if it was damaged , change it .

lifting and tilt can not work

Dust wall up valve hole

Remove the safe valve , clean the duty , keep the oil cleaning .

Pump oil was stopped

According to the oil pump trouble to check and obviate

Hydraulic system

turning wheel can not work

Elbow seize up

Turning elbow with trouble

Elbow oil pump with trouble

According to the oil pump trouble

Control valve can not work

slide valve was locked

According to control valve trouble

Valve was broken


the Mast tilt  unprompted

Tilt oil seal was broken


Control valve leak badly

Repair or change

Lifting load powerless

Oil pump disabled

According to oil pump trouble

Cylinder seal was broken

change seal

Control valve seize up

According to control valve trouble

Hose leak

Check the hose, change it necessary, if the tie loose and tighten it.

Trouble of brake system



way elimination

No enough power

leak brake fluid


clamp glide abnormality

repair or change

Clearance is wrong


friction liner with impurity

repair or change

pedal adjust improper


Noise in the brake work

friction liner case hardening or with impurity

repair or change

connect bolt loosen

repair or change

friction liner distortion or incorrect

repair or change

friction liner was wear and tear


Brake asymmetry

friction liner with impurity

repair or change

piston seize up

repair or change

brake set connect with friction liner improper


Tire pressure is out of place.


pedal inability

leak brake fluid


Clearance is wrong

repair or change

brake system with air


adjust pedal not right


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