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EFORK Intelligent Innovation Acceleration

With the continuous support of wealth, the demand of e-commerce and logistics industry is accelerating the entry of logistics robot and intelligent logistics market into the "fast lane". With the deepening of technology application, the logistics industry is undergoing a round of digital intelligence transformation, from the intelligence of single equipment to the intelligence of the whole logistics industry chain.

Recently, Bruce Ye, Chief Strategic Officer of EFORK Intelligent, accepted an interview with OFweek.He put forward the strategy and layout of EFORK in view of the new changes in the logistics industry at this stage.

As a system integrator specializing in logistics robots, intelligent logistics systems, intelligent warehousing, industrial vehicles, and other diversified businesses, it is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. From intelligent hardware to system integration to one-stop logistics solutions, EFORK has developed continuously in recent years, and has a deeper understanding of the industry.

In terms of the original achievements, EFORK is also climbing to new heights. 2022 will be a year in which the entire intelligent logistics industry will usher in a leap-forward development, especially mobile robots, which will completely enter the era of AMR products from AGV products. EFORK is also predicting that in 2022, it will realize all optimization iterations of the four categories of "storage, picking, distribution, and service" of the AMR product matrix in the intelligent logistics industry, and realize the implementation of 5G+AI+AMR advanced products. The solution of "storage, picking and distribution integration, warehouse distribution and service integration" will move from 2.0 to 3.0, and the core software system platform will integrate advanced technologies such as digital twins and artificial intelligence to a more intelligent level. The overall improvement of EFORK comprehensive ability of software and hardware integration moves towards a higher stage, and realizes a solution with diversity and competitiveness under the triangular mode of "data, model and algorithm".

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