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EFORK Intelligent: Deploying one-stop AGV body services to create a win-win industrial ecosystem

Intelligent manufacturing has become the main way of industrial manufacturing transformation. In recent years, China's manufacturing industry focuses on "machine substitution" and takes comprehensively promoting intelligent manufacturing as the main direction. Therefore, AGV robot application has made rapid development in recent years and has been widely used in logistics, warehousing and digital workshops, reducing labor force to a great extent and improving factory production efficiency. As the main part of unmanned forklift truck, forklift AGV body is also quietly flourishing.

Taking the AGV apart, the key technologies are mainly reflected in the four aspects of vehicle body design, vehicle control, navigation technology, and dispatching system. The AGV body is the final execution equipment for transportation, and its mechanical and electrical properties are directly related  to the final performance of AGV transportation system; at the same time, the AGV body with excellent performance will minimize the workload of daily maintenance and increase the service life of the AGV system. Therefore, the AGV body determines whether an AGV robot is excellent or not.

EFORK has its own unique advantages on the road of intelligent transformation based on the technical accumulation of traditional forklift trucks. It takes the forklift AGV main body as part of the customized machine business and established the AGV main body business department. At present, EFORK AGV body products cover counterweight AGV, handling AGV, forward-moving AGV, stacking AGV, traction AGV, omnidirectional AGV, side fork AGV, narrow roadway three-way fork AGV, etc. It also provides customers with customized solutions for AGV body.

EFORK Intelligent combines its own advantages of original forklift technology, craftsmanship and product quality, and independently designs the car body, has sufficient technical precipitation and manufacturing advantages, and has mature sales channels and networks. Relying on the cooperation of scientific research institutions and its own technical team, EFORK maintains a comparative advantage in technology. At present, it has established extensive cooperation with many well-known companies, and obtained great competitiveness in the market.

With the wide application of flexible manufacturing systems, the demand for small batches and multi-batch production is increasing, and "order-oriented" production has become a trend. In the future, EFORK will continue to implement the policy of "steady fighting and steady development", apromote in the direction of intelligence, modularization and scale, and help the overall solution provider provide the best AGV body in combination with the needs of the client, so as to create a win-win industrial ecosystem in the AGV industry.

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