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EFORK intelligent new employee training ended successfully

  In the early summer season, thousands of trees are verdant and there are many new people. To help new employees enter the role as soon as possible, learn more about EFORK culture, adapt to the working environment more quickly, get familiar with the company system, and integrate into the EFORK family to become a qualified " Yufeng people". Recently, the human resources department took the lead to teach "the first lesson of induction" for the recent batch of new employees.

  Weifeng, chairman of EFORK group, made a mobilization speech for the training, warmly welcomed the new employees, and sent a message. Then he explained the necessity and purpose of the training to the trainees. He emphasized: that our trainees come from different departments and have many development opportunities on the platform of EFORK. It is necessary for everyone to continuously optimize in the process of study and work, think about how to realize their own value and seize their own opportunities. Hope that all trainees will make a long-term plan for their future and realize their value in EFORK through this training.

  The training is mainly divided into enterprise comprehensive training and safety education training. The first half of the comprehensive training was given by the human resources director, focusing on systematically introducing the company's development history, management system, business model, cultural concept, etc. to new employees, helping everyone quickly and comprehensively understand the overall situation of the company. Afterward, he gave a detailed explanation of the company's organizational structure, rules and regulations, corporate norms and regulations, and talent promotion mechanism.

  Safety education is the basis for ensuring the normal operation of work. It is a culture to protect people's physical and mental health, respect life, and realize the value of life and labor. The executive director explained in detail the safety instructions and ten safety bans of EFORK intelligent employees for the new partners to help them carry out their work in safety and compliance in the future.

  At the end of the training session, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the training session and to enable new employees to better deepen their impression and understanding of the training content, the Human Resources Department set up a test session on the training content. So far, the all-around and multi-dimensional induction training has been successfully completed, and the new employees will start their struggles in their posts and create brilliance. The arrival of new employees is undoubtedly fresh blood to the company. It is not only the new force of the company but also the backup force of the company. EFORK Intelligent attaches great importance to the introduction and training of talents. It hopes to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of new employees, enhance their sense of identity and belonging to the company, and help employees realize their own value in their jobs through new employee induction training and communication training at work, work together with the company to achieve higher and faster development and create a better tomorrow!

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