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Automated three-dimensional warehouse is a new concept in logistics warehousing. The use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize the rationalization of the high-level warehouse, the automation of access, the simplification of operation, and the automation of three-dimensional warehouse, which is a form of high-level technology at present.

The main part of the automated three-dimensional warehouse is composed of shelves, aisle stacking cranes, in (out) warehouse workbenches, and automatic in (out) and operation control systems. Shelves are buildings or structures with steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. Inside the shelves are standard-sized cargo spaces. Roadway stacking cranes pass through the roadway between the shelves to complete the work of storing and picking up goods. WCS is used for management control.

Components of automated warehouse

Shelves: steel structures used to store goods, mainly including welded shelves and combined shelves.

Pallet (box): an appliance used to carry goods, also known as workstation appliances.

Roadway stacker: equipment used for automatic storage and retrieval of goods, which is divided into two basic forms: single column and double column according to the structural form; according to the service mode, it is divided into three basic forms: straight road, curve and transfer vehicle.

Conveyor system: The main peripheral equipment of the three-dimensional warehouse, responsible for transporting goods to or removing goods from the stacker. There are many types of conveyors, such as roller conveyors, chain conveyors, lifting platforms, distribution vehicles, hoists, belt conveyors, etc.

AGV system: Automated guided vehicle, which is divided into an induction guided car and a laser guided car according to its guiding method.

WCS automatic control system: The automatic control system that drives each equipment of the automatic stereo warehouse system, mainly adopts the field bus mode as the control mode.
WMS information management system: It is the core of the fully automated three-dimensional warehouse system, which can be networked or integrated with other systems (such as ERP systems, etc.).

The design of automated three-dimensional warehouse can be flexibly applied in combination with specific conditions. Welcome to consult Yufeng Intelligent.

Automation is an inevitable trend in the development of warehouse management. The operation efficiency of automated three-dimensional warehouses and the technical level of automation can greatly improve the logistics efficiency of enterprises. Enterprises can build medium and large stereoscopic warehouses according to the actual situation, and also build small and medium-sized automated stereoscopic warehouses according to their needs.

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