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Yufeng Intelligent launched the "cool station" activity

Since the beginning of summer, the temperature has been rising continuously, and high-temperature warnings have been issued repeatedly. The employees of Yufeng Intelligent have persevered in the high temperature, and worked hard on all production fronts, effectively ensuring the stable production of the company in the high-temperature season. In order to effectively do an excellent job in employee safety production and summer heatstroke prevention, effectively prevent accidents and occupational hazards, and unite and mobilize the employees to work hard, Anhui Yufeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. took many measures to comprehensively launch the "workshop is busy with high-temperature production, cool down and bring coolness" activity, so as to send care and coolness in the hot summer to the "Yufeng people" who are fighting in the production line in the hot season.

On the 14th, the heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies purchased by Yufeng Intelligent were delivered on time.

Administrative departments set up cool post stations to provide front-line employees with mung bean soup, salt soda, ice cream and other materials. At the same time, a "healthy medicine box" is prepared. In addition to heatstroke prevention drugs, it is also equipped with nursing ointment, iodophor, disinfectant, etc., which are placed within the visible range of employees and can be taken the time when they are unwell.

While meeting the needs of normal production and operation, the personnel department also optimizes and adjusts personnel shifts to minimize the continuous working hours of employees in high temperature weather, ensure sufficient time to rest, and avoid fatigue work and high temperature heatstroke.

There is nothing trivial about the health of employees, and everything is always concerned. By carrying out the cool activities, the employees working in the production line can more truly feel the company's care and love, which greatly stimulates the enthusiasm of the front-line employees, improves the "happiness index", and enhances the company's cohesion and centripetal force.

The high temperature continues, and the battle of "maintaining stability, safety, and goals" continues. All employees of Yufeng Intelligent are going all out to fight the high temperature, ensure production, and use their own practical actions with high work enthusiasm and a serious and responsible attitude, carry out safe production to the end to win the battle of peak season production.

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