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The foundation stone laying ceremony of Yufeng Intelligent Headquarters and R&D and Production Base

On July 31, with the clear sky and fresh air, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the headquarters and R&D and production base of Anhui Yufeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Feixi, Anhui. Tong Lin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Huagang Town, Xiang Weifeng, Chairman of Yufeng Intelligent, Wang Haifang, Deputy General Manager, Ji Cailing, Deputy General Manager of Marketing, and leaders and guests from the Construction Project Department attended the foundation ceremony to witness this historic moment together!

At the beginning of the event, Tong Lin, deputy secretary of the Huagang Town Party Committee, on behalf of the Huagang Town Party Committee and Government, extended warm congratulations on the launch of the Yufeng Intelligent R&D and Production Headquarters project. He also mentioned that Yufeng Intelligent, as one of the key enterprises in Huagang Town, has maintained a good development trend and strong development potential over the years. The foundation stone laying of the new project is not only a milestone in the development of Yufeng, but also fully demonstrates the confidence and determination of enterprises in Huagang Town to achieve high-quality development. It is hoped that Yufeng will achieve more phased results shortly.

At the foundation laying ceremony, Chairman Xiang Weifeng said in his speech that the smooth progress of the Yufeng headquarters and production base project is inseparable from the full support of the government and relevant departments. Since its establishment in 2013, Yufeng has focused on domestic and global layout, making the "EFORK" brand enjoy a national reputation, and has grown into a warehousing and logistics enterprise with strong comprehensive strength. Yufeng Intelligent has been committed to creating a flexible one-stop intelligent warehousing solution to provide customized intelligent logistics systems covering goods to people, goods to robots, and people to goods for customers all over the world! It brings a more efficient and convenient storage experience to customers and enterprises! Give back to society with better products and services.

After the speech, the launching ceremony officially began with warm applause and a gun salute. The leaders jointly laid the foundation for the project, the salute rang through the sky and the fireworks were in full bloom. The construction of the new project kicked off, and this foundation-laying ceremony also reached a climax. This means that in the near future, a brand-new Yufeng Intelligent headquarters base will be established. It will form a large-scale modern industrial base with logistics robots, intelligent logistics systems, intelligent warehousing, and industrial vehicles as the core, integrating R&D, office, production, and logistics. After the completion of the project, the automation, informatization, and intelligent emerging industrial technology will be applied to the company's production logistics automation to create a complete production system of intelligent logistics warehousing robots, and achieve the goal of an annual output of 50000 logistics robots.

Standing at the forefront of the tide, the sea embraces all rivers, standing at a higher starting point, chasing the blue ocean of dreams. Over the years, Yufeng has been playing steadily, and it is precisely because it has firmly grasped its core competitiveness that it has gradually developed into a well-known brand in the field of warehousing and logistics. In the future, Yufeng Intelligent will never forget its original intention, forge ahead, innovate technology, interpret new trends, and make important contributions to the large-scale, standardized, and intelligent development of China's intelligent logistics industry!

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