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Yufeng Warehousing and Yu Feng Intelligent Debut at CeMAT Asia International Logistics Exhibition
For the old customers of Anhui Yufeng, it is known that Yufeng has electric forklifts with electronic scales. There are two types of models, ranging from 1-1.5 tons to 2-3 tons. Recently, according to customer requirements, electric stacking height A mode

On November 6, 2018 Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation Systems Exhibition (abbreviation: Asia Logistics Exhibition) was grandly opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center. As a rising star of logistics and storage equipment manufacturers, Anhui Yufeng warehousing/intelligence has brought the latest new products and new technology-oriented products to this exhibition which is researched & developed independently.

Anhui Yufeng's products include four-way forklifts, electric tractors, three-way stacker forklifts, pallet trucks, reach trucks and other series of forklifts, flexible and intelligent laser autonomous navigation AGV.

Intelligentization and greening have become an inevitable trend in the development of manufacturing industry. China is in an important stage of accelerating industrialization, taking a new road to industrialization, promoting the integration of informationization and industrialization, promoting the integration of high-tech and traditional industrial transformation, and promoting China transformation from a big manufacture country to a "smart and powerful country" is an important task for the current and future period. As the traditional manufacturing industry of industrial vehicles, Anhui Yufeng now faces many challenges. The development of intelligent technology also brings many new opportunities to Yufeng. Therefore, Anhui Yufeng warehousing developing towards the intelligent forklifts actively. Together with Yufeng Intelligent Company, it has achieved high automation and intelligence from “manual forklifts” to “unmanned forklifts”, from “manufacturing” to “intelligence”. contribute their own efforts for logistic and manufacturing industries .

Anhui Yufeng is in line with the strategic planning of China's manufacturing industry. Under the premise of vigorously promoting the concept of intelligent manufacturing and smart factories, the company has made bold innovations. At present, the company has owned intelligent robot handling including laser trackless navigation and laser natural navigation platform. For a wide range of outdoor smart handling needs, Yu Feng also launched a comprehensive intelligent unmanned handling platform with high-precision GPS and 3D laser radar environment sensing system as the core module of autonomous navigation. The products cover the stack truck AGV, the forward AGV, the pallet handling AGV, the counterbalance forklift AGV, the heavy-duty traction AGV, the all-weather intelligent patrol/handling/traction unmanned AGV and other products.

YuFeng focused on the flexible and intelligent laser self-navigation of the new AGV, which attracted many professional buyers and audiences. During the exhibition, many visitors came to Anhui Yufeng booth to watch this AGV demonstration.

As a technology innovation company dedicated to intelligent warehousing and handling systems, Anhui Yufeng has joined forces with the Chinese University of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other domestic leading mobile robot teams to continue to help China manufacture 2025 intelligent handling robots to cover standard unmanned vehicles, custom non-standardized unmanned vehicles. Carrying vehicles, providing the market with cost-effective logistics and warehousing equipment products and solutions with independent innovation brands, providing customers with intelligent and convenient quality products.

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