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On November 6, 2020, the four-day 21st Asia international logistics technology and transportation system Exhibition (CeMAT Asia 2020) concluded perfectly in Shanghai New International Expo Center. At present, with the development of e-commerce, interconnection and logistics, the human cost is constantly rising. Automatic logistics, digital logistics and intelligent logistics are undoubtedly the main theme of the industry development; the transformation of enterprises into digital, unmanned and intelligent has become a must; as an integrated service provider of intelligent logistics system and intelligent equipment manufacturer, Yufeng Intelligent carries various types of warehousing equipment products and multiple series of AGVs, at the same time, the integrated solution of storage, picking and matching for intelligent warehouse operation scenario under the "digital twin" technology was built, and the integrated strength of one-stop intelligent logistics solution provider was fully demonstrated.

1Software system

WCS is a layer of management and control system between WMS system and PLC system. It can coordinate the operation of various logistics equipment, such as conveyor, stacker, shuttle car, robot, automatic guided vehicle and other logistics equipment. Through task engine and message engine, WCS optimizes tasks and analyzes execution path, providing execution guarantee and optimization for scheduling instructions of upper system, realize the integration, unified scheduling and monitoring of various equipment system interfaces.

2Integrated solution of storage and picking

Based on the idea of "AI + warehousing", according to the requirements of customer diversity, multi format and multi category, it provides multi-type intelligent storage scheme (multi-type warehouse area such as stacker, four-way vehicle, AGV), multi-strategy intelligent picking scheme (multi-strategy picking such as goods to people, goods to robot, human arrival), multi-mode intelligent distribution scheme (multi-mode distribution such as AGV, RGV, AGV + RGV), etc

Warehouse and distribution brain platform system "can realize the goal of efficient storage, sorting and distribution of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, as well as cost reduction, efficiency improvement and quality improvement of enterprises.


Yufeng Intelligent AGV scheduling control system is mainly composed of two parts. The hardware part is composed of industrial computer, display, wireless communication components and related equipment. The software consists of AGV scheduling control software, AGV path drawing software, AGV scheduling interface software and user port protocol. AGV dispatching control system is a system that can supervise, control and dispatch multiple AGVs at the same time. Users can know the running status and location of the controlled AGV in real time from the system interface, and call idle AGV automatically or manually to assign tasks. According to the actual needs of users, AGV fault alarm, complex road traffic control, remote upgrade and maintenance of AGV system can be added.

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