E-commerce retail
E-commerce retail
As one of the core businesses of e-commerce, logistics has also attracted much attention. The traditional warehousing logistics has been unable to meet the development of China's e-commerce. Whether it is to build a warehouse or to seek the cooperation of a third-party warehouse distribution company, "intelligent, efficient and professional" has gradually become the primary standard of e-commerce enterprises.
With the rapid expansion mode of e-commerce retail industry, the requirements of warehousing and logistics will become increasingly refined, specialized and large-scale. Anhui Yufeng provides customized warehousing and logistics solutions for e-commerce retail enterprises. The modular system functions flexibly meet the different needs of different enterprises for sorting, transportation and storage efficiency. It can provide enterprises with efficient process processing capacity and accurate goods management and control system, help them improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve storage capacity, integrate production and distribution processes, improve labor efficiency to the greatest extent, strengthen the flexibility of storage throughput and order fulfillment ability, and comprehensively realize the informatization and automation of material flow such as storage, transportation, palletizing and sorting So as to change the five "difficulties" of traditional warehousing logistics in e-commerce retail industry.

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