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2021China forklift safety day , Yufeng empowers intelligent operation
2021China forklift safety day , Yufeng empowers intelligent operation

In recent years, the development direction of the combination of intelligence and digitization is recognized by the entire logistics equipment industry, and in the perspective of user scenarios, the upgrading of digital intelligence is also regarded as an important issue to solve the cost and efficiency optimization. Yufeng intelligent appeared in 2021 China (Guangzhou) international logistics equipment and technology exhibition with the theme of "upgrading digital intelligence, reducing cost and increasing efficiency" from May 25 to 27, attracting many Chinese and foreign businessmen to stop to watch and consult.

As a series of themes of intelligent logistics system integration service provider and intelligent equipment manufacturer based on "digital intelligence upgrade", Yufeng intelligence focuses on the integrated solution of storage, picking and distribution of intelligent warehousing operation scene under the "digital twin" technology, and comprehensively demonstrates the comprehensive strength of one-stop intelligent logistics overall solution provider.

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