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The WMS warehouse management system integrates the functions of batch management, material correspondence, inventory counting, quality inspection management, virtual warehouse management and real-time inventory management through the functions of inbound business, outbound business, warehouse allocation, inventory allocation, and virtual warehouse management. The management system is used to effectively control and track the whole process of warehouse business logistics and cost management, and realize or improve the enterprise's warehouse information management. Yufeng Smart WMS can perform inventory operations independently, and can also be used in combination with documents and vouchers from other systems; it can provide enterprises with more complete logistics management processes and financial management information.

■ Timely data collection, precise process management, fully automated intelligent guidance, and improved work efficiency;
■ Precise positioning management of storage locations, comprehensive status monitoring, and full use of limited warehouse space;
■ When goods are put on and off the shelves, the full intelligence automatically allocates the warehouse locations for the on and off shelves according to first-in first-out, avoiding human errors;
■ Real-time control of inventory situation, reasonable maintenance and control of enterprise inventory;
■ Through the automatic collection of batch information, the traceability of the production or sales process of the product is realized.


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