3.5-ton heavy-duty counterweight forklift truck
The AGV of a 3.5-ton heavy-duty counterweight forklift truck

The AGV of a 3.5-ton heavy-duty counterweight forklift truck consists of a drive / steering front wheel and two directional wheels. It is suitable for transporting various pallets, boxes or paper rolls, and can meet the requirements of different load units.


The position of forklift in the environment is obtained by laser scanning and algorithm, and then the path is planned by the software responsible for path planning to realize accurate positioning and stable walking; the terminal reflector is used to assist positioning to realize accurate forking and placing of pallet in the working position. With this advanced hybrid laser navigation technology, the forklift truck can be driven and operated automatically.


Main advantages:


➤ hybrid laser navigation technology

Laser hybrid navigation technology with end reflector is adopted, and forklift truck with independent property rights is configured

The motion controller can realize the end positioning of ± 10 mm. Improve efficiency and save cost.

➤ automatic operation

Strong algorithm and hardware support, completely replace manual forklift, efficient and safe.

➤ high cost performance

Navigation technology and controller are independently developed and manufactured, which is more cost-effective than foreign brands.

➤ diversified selection of forklift truck body

Various types of forklift body can be selected to meet various use scenarios.

Q1: Are you electric forklift factory?

A1: Yes, we are the professional manufacturer of electric forklift.

Q2: How about the delivery time?
A2: About 15-30 days based on different model. For the standard products, we may have stock and could delivery immediately.

Q3:  Is customized solution available?
A3: Yes, we can provide different customized solution. 

Q4: Can you provide OEM service?
A4: Yes.
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