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Balance weight holding AGV forklift
Due to the user's complex on-site operation environment, large volume of goods, easy instability in operation, irregular pallet size and other project difficulties, there are higher requirements for the reliability, safety, stability and other characteristics of AGV.
Brand: EFORK
Model: CDD-BJ
Payment: 30% TT in advance
Product Origin: Ahui
Producing Time: 45working days after we receive deposit
Color: Orange/Blue/Red
Shipping Port: Shanghai
On the basis of the body of the standard forklift, a customized holding clamp accessory is added, and a double coordinate balance weight AGV forklift is developed, which carries 2000kg goods, is equipped with a specific front-end retractable holding clamp accessory, closely protects the goods from tipping, and is equipped with a side shifter to correct the position, solve the error problem in the process of goods stacking, and is equipped with a multi-line laser navigation system to optimize the walking path of AGV, Improve the secondary positioning accuracy under the compound function of fork, and realize the intelligent handling solution under the characteristics of complex scenes and irregular goods.
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