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Pedal Type Electric Pallet Stacker
CDD-WII is an economical all-electric pedal stacker.
Brand: EFORK
Model: CDD-WII
Payment: 30% TT in advance
Product Origin: China
Producing Time: 15 working days after we receive deposit
Color: Green/ Red/Orange/Customized
Shipping Port: Shanghai / Nanjing / Shenzhen

Product Name: Pedal Type Electric Pallet Stacker

CDD-WII is the third-generation economical stacker independently developed by EFORK. It is suitable for loading, unloading, and transshipment of goods with single-sided pallets or without pallets. It is characterized by high quality and low price.

Product Advantage:

1. Standard pedal, handrails optional;
2. Multifunctional integrated handle: control walking, lifting, steering, and integrate horn, turtle speed, and emergency response at the same time;
3. Standard built-in charger, one stacker one charger, charge anywhere, prevent loss, fixed-point charging and long-term search;
4. Standard maintenance-free lead-acid battery; Small volume, large storage capacity, no liquid maintenance;
5. Compact vehicle structure; Flexible turning and small passage distance;
6. DC separate excitation and full AC drive unit for you to choose.


Characteristic Model CDD20WⅡ CDD15WⅡ
Power Electric Electric
Operation mode Standing type Standing type
Rated load capacity Q(kg) 2000 1500
Load center C(mm) 500 500
Weight Self-weight with battery kg 850 790
Wheels, chassis Wheel type PU PU
Driving wheel ∅×w(mm) Ф250*80 Ф210*70
Front wheel ∅×w(mm) Ф80*70 Ф80*70
Balance wheel ∅×w(mm) Ф150*45 Ф150*45
Wheel track, front wheel b10(mm) 520 520
Dimension Wheelbase 1297 1297
Height when the mast is retracted h1(mm) 2080 2080
Lifting height h3(mm) 3000 3000
Max. height of mast when lifting h4(mm) 3527 3527
Vehicle body length(pedal folded) l2(mm) 2035 2035
Vehicle body width b1(mm) 850 850
Fork size s/e/l(mm) 65/165/1150 65/165/1150
Fork outer width b5(mm) 680 680
Min. ground clearance (wheelbase center) m2(mm) 30 30
Stacking channel width Ast(mm) 2496
pallet 1000×1200 (1200 placed across forks)
pallet 1000×1200 (1200 placed across forks)
Min. turning radius(pedal folded) Wa(mm) 1638 1638
Performance Max. driving speed, no load / full load km/h 5.5/5.0 4/3.5
Service brake Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Motor Driving motor power kw 1.5 AC 0.75 DC
Lifting motor power kw 2.2 DC 2.2 DC
Battery Maintenance-free lead-acid battery Maintenance-free lead-acid battery
Battery voltage / capacitance V/Ah 24V/160ah 24v/100ah

Q1: Are you electric forklift factory?

A1: Yes, we are the professional manufacturer of electric forklift.

Q2: How about the delivery time?
A2: About 15-30 days based on different model. For the standard products, we may have stock and could delivery immediately.

Q3:  Is customized solution available?
A3: Yes, we can provide different customized solution.

Q4: Can you provide OEM service?
A4: Yes.
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