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The intelligent unmanned handling solution integrates Anhui Yufeng's forklift technology and AGV technology. In addition to completing point-to-point material handling, it can also realize the logistics and transportation tasks of multiple production links. It is not only good at high-level warehouses and receiving areas outside the warehouse. , the three major scenarios of production line transshipment, and also play an irreplaceable role in heavy load, special handling and other scenarios. Through the wide application of forklift AGV, it can solve the problem of large logistics volume and high labor intensity of manual handling in the process of industrial production and warehousing logistics operations. question.
Advantages of the Smart automatic handing solution system

It can improve the operating efficiency of the workshop, provide handling efficiency, reduce costs and increase efficiency;

Realize 7*24h uninterrupted logistics operation, which greatly improves the efficiency and flexibility of the supply chain;

Equipped with the on-board dispatching system independently developed by Yufeng, it can realize the flexible call and efficient deployment of AGVs of the same or different brands in different scenarios;

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