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Anhui Yufeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the technical accumulation of traditional electric forklift,It has its own unique advantages in industrial intelligentification.EFORK takes AGV vehicle body of forklift as a part of customization business and sets up AGV Vehicle Body Business Division.
Right now, Yufeng AGV body products include:
Counterweight type AGV
Pallet Truck AGV
Electric Reach truck Forklift AGV
Electric Pallet Stacker Forklift AGV
Traction Tow Tractor AGV
Omni-Directional Forklift  AGV
Side Fork AGV
VNA Forklift AGV .etc 
At the same time, it also provides customers with AGV customization solutions.
Advantages of the AGV Body

■ Variety diversification:Multiple AGV models

■ Customizable:Customization of functional modules.According to different requirements, AGV with different sizes and load capacities can be customized.

■ Provide communication protocol and AGV body 3D drawing

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