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Three-way stacking forklift AGV (Automatic driving)

Three-way stacking forklift AGV (Automatic driving)
  • Three-way stacking forklift AGV (Automatic driving)
  • Brand:EFORK
  • Product Model:EDDM15
Product Description:

As one of the star products with the most market competitiveness of Yufeng Intelligent, it accurately locates the customer's lean and flexible production needs: in the face of high-rise narrow-aisle three-dimensional warehouses, the location of environmental materials is not fixed, people move around, and items are stacked in disorder. There is no need to lay other auxiliary facilities or guide rails on the ground, and the laser navigation technology with strong adaptability to complex environments and convenient maintenance in the later period is selected for the three-way fork AGV. Combined with the warehouse management system WMS independently developed by Yufeng Intelligent, it provides material storage status Information, using a touch screen human-machine interface, controlled by a cloud terminal, data can be traced, under the precise command of the scheduling system AGVS to pick up the box, and automatically identify the height of the shelf for intelligent access and handling, and complete the timely and accurate delivery of materials Circulation, greatly improving warehouse capacity and storage efficiency.

Product Advantage of Three Way Stacker Forklift AGV:

1.Excellent navigation technology

Laser navigation mode, no construction on the ground, flexible path;

2.Advanced on-board system to meet customer customization requirements

The vehicle mounted controller independently developed by Yufeng ensures smooth and accurate walking and lifting control, excellent speed regulation performance, good motor and electric control matching performance, and reliable hardware from well-known European and American brands;

3.Maintenance free AC drive system

The motor is maintenance free, reducing maintenance costs such as replacing carbon brushes; AC power system has high efficiency, complete protection functions, speed sensor, temperature sensor, and greatly improved reliability and life.

4.Self developed vehicle body

The self-designed AGV car body is adopted, and ThyssenKrupp high-grade steel is used. When lifting, the gantry deformation is small, and the task of picking up and placing goods is simple and convenient; The car body structure is designed and produced by the R&D Department of our company, using narrow aisle shelves;The unique three fulcrum chassis structure design makes the AGV landing effect better; The variable speed hydraulic lifting system makes the picking and placing of goods more stable and accurate.

Product Picture:

Product Data:
Name Three Way Stacker Forklift AGV
Navigation Mode Fusion Navigation
Communication Mode wifi/5G
Rated Load Capacity 1500kg
Lifting Height 6000mm
Orientation Accuracy ±20mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 32mm
Charging Method Automatic + manual
Driving Direction Forward, back, and turn
Battery Info 48V/320Ah
Safety Laser Obstacle Avoidance
Remote Emergency Stop
Mechanical collision avoidance
Fork collision avoidance
Alarm Mode Light Alarm, Voice Alarm
Driving Method Steering Wheel Drive
Load Center 600mm
Stacking channel (Pallet 800x800)(1200 Span Fork Placement) 1760mm
Move Speed 1.0m/s
MinimumTurning Radius 2075mm
Width of Main Access Roads 4150mm
Rotation size of goods in place 3530mm
Fork Size 45/125/1220mm
Overall Size (length / width) 3170/1550mm
Self Weight 6300kg
Vehicle Projection Area 4.8㎡
Note: The width data of the stacking passage do not include safety distance. The above parameters are for reference only. Understanding is appreciated if technical changes are not notified.
Product Video:
Details Advantages:

Typical case :

Project name: narrow roadway three-way fork AGV stereoscopic warehouse system of a new material company

Project introduction: The project adopts two narrow roadway three way fork AGVs and five stacking fork trucks AGVs. The three way fork AGVs mainly meet the daily warehouse in and out requirements, and the stacking fork trucks AGVs mainly meet the material operation requirements between production lines.

Technical highlights: Anhui Yufeng narrow roadway three-way fork AGV won the first prize of China Logistics and Transportation Association. The direct passage of the shelf only needs 1.6 meters, effectively improving the warehouse capacity and increasing the effective utilization rate of the warehouse.

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