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EFORK Logistics Warehousing System in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical products are relatively finished products.Different from the storage of agricultural and sideline products, intelligent management methods can be applied relatively more. Due to the advantages of automatic three-dimensional warehouse, it is especially suitable for the storage of drugs and raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry.Therefore, in the past 10 years, more and more pharmaceutical companies tend to use automated three-dimensional warehouses to solve the problem of drug inventory.

Project Introduction
This project is an intelligent logistics warehousing system built for a listed pharmaceutical enterprise, which is a "turnkey" project. The project integrates automated three-dimensional warehouses, stackers, RGVs (rail shuttle vehicles), manipulators, shuttle boards, as well as the warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) independently developed by EFORK Intelligent. Three functional areas are designed based on the characteristics and the connection between them—robot palletizing area, warehouse front area, and automatic warehouse area. It realizes automatic warehousing, automatic storage, automatic delivery, automatic sorting before the site and automatic transportation inside the site, changing the traditional static warehouse into a modern dynamic warehouse.

Project Highlights
Realizing refined layout and management, adopting a variety of automated equipment and information systems to improve logistics operations, simplifying the process and standardizing the operation mode;
Using the barcode management system, the traditional manual experience judgment is changed to relying on accurate data for analysis and management, from the traditional result-oriented to process-oriented, and the process is accurately controllable and the results are accurate;
The "goods-to-person" mode of the integrated logistics system has greatly accelerated the operation speed and improved the operation efficiency. The distribution volume that can be completed in 24 hours ow only takes 8 hours. Double shift operation can be adopted in peak periods to cope with the increase of workload.
Space saving
Under the same storage capacity, the automated three-dimensional warehouse can save nearly 70% of the floor space compared with the flat warehouse, greatly improving the space utilization rate and reducing the storage space.

With the disappearance of the demographic dividend, the labor force will continue to be tense, especially the supply of physical labor at the grassroots level. Automation, digitization, and intelligence are one of the long-term strategies for all walks of life to improve their manufacturing capabilities. In the future, EFORK Intelligent will continue to deepen the digital and intelligent upgrade of various sub-sectors, connect the implemented projects into lines, and integrate them from line to surface to create better intelligent logistics system solutions, better serve customer enterprises, enable global intelligent logistics reform and create greater value for the society.

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