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EFORK: Smart Home Logistics System

In recent years, China's home furnishing industry has developed steadily under the influence and stimulation of various factors such as social and economic development, the improvement of people's living standards, and the continuous growth of urbanization rate, and the market potential is huge. At the same time, with the upgrading of consumption and the increasingly obvious form of personalized service, the home industry has changed from the original product orientation to user orientation, and the home production has begun to transform and upgrade to intelligent manufacturing.The home furnishing business presents new challenges to the overall warehousing and logistics system. The home logistics system will be an indispensable core competitiveness and strategic commanding height of home furnishing enterprises.

After in-depth understanding of the current situation and needs of a home furnishing enterprise, EFORK Intelligent customizes an intelligent and efficient automated three-dimensional warehouse for it. Phase I raw material warehouse adopts 2 double-extension turning stackers, 10 roller conveyors, 6 chain-type jack-up transfer machines, 2 destackers, etc.; Phase II project adopts 2 sets of double extension and super long non-standard customized stackers, 13 sets of truss robot systems, 8 sets of AGV handling robot systems, etc.

Automation, industry 4.0, big data, cloud computing and so on have become the labels of smart factories, and the intelligentization of production and logistics will be the only way for home furnishing enterprises to upgrade. In the future, EFORK Intelligent will continue to cultivate the home industry, understand customer needs and logistics characteristics, study the standardization of home logistics, provide whole process solutions from workshop logistics, parts distribution to finished product logistics, increase the application and exploration of relevant new technologies, and obtain the first-mover advantage in the new round of competition.

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