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Heavyweight Recognition! Yufeng Intelligent Obtained Certification for Anhui Province's First Set of Major Technical Equipment in 2023

Recently, the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Anhui Province announced the second batch of major technical equipment list for 2023. Anhui Yufeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Yufeng Intelligent"), as a provider of one-stop intelligent logistics system, has developed a "5G+ Automatic Stacking System for Profiles and Efficient Flowing Stereoscopic System". After a rigorous evaluation by the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Anhui Province, it has been approved as the first set of major technical equipment in Anhui Province.

Innovation-driven Research and Development Accelerates Industry Progress

"首台(套)" is a term in China referring to a first set of major technical equipment that has achieved significant technological breakthroughs, acquired intellectual property rights, but has not yet demonstrated market performance. It serves as an important indicator of a company’s development and technical capabilities within the equipment manufacturing industry.

Taking the first set of major technical equipment as a breakthrough point, Anhui Province has targeted the cutting edge of the industry, increased research and development efforts, and promoted the iteration and upgrade of manufacturing towards intelligent manufacturing. The first set of major technical equipment not only has profound significance to the national economy as a whole, but also plays an extraordinary role for enterprise development. The recognition of the first set of major technical equipment by Anhui Province for Yufeng Intelligent has played a crucial role in sustaining new product research and development, increasing research and development investment, and laying a solid foundation for the company to launch more first sets of major technical equipment products in the future.

Yufeng Intelligent has developed a 5G-enabled, stereoscopic system for automatic cold-formed steel stacking and timely stock rotation. This product suite includes AGV products which have been newly accredited as a state-certified product by Anhui Province, and laser-guided AGV onboard control systems and central dispatch systems which have been recognized as software products. By integrating innovative solutions into existing logistics robots and AGV scheduling systems, the system compensates for the storage density limitations of conventional stereoscopic storage equipment and solves operational challenges in warehousing and logistics management for users.

01. The entire project's AGV system, flexible manufacturing execution system, intelligent warehouse system, and other information systems can seamlessly interact with ERP, MES, and other systems to achieve traceability and other functions.
02. Based on a flexible modular control platform, the production and storage processes are highly automated, which improves the utilization rate of production equipment, while also achieving efficient management and monitoring of the entire production and storage process of materials within the system.

Smart logistics project landing - showcasing the hard power of smart manufacturing i

Taking the intelligent factory construction project of a certain listed company as an example, the "5G + profile automatic stacking and timely flow three-dimensional system" is composed of a shelving system, a stacker crane system, an AGV system, a gantry mechanical arm system, an incoming and outgoing workbench, and an automatic feeding (out) and WMS warehouse management software. The key equipment of this project is a custom-made ultra-long material single-extended stacker crane, which solves the problem of storing ultra-long materials. Yufeng Intelligent's innovative solution not only meets customer needs, but also saves costs.

After the implementation of this project, there has been a qualitative leap in storage capacity and access efficiency compared to traditional shelving warehouses. The enterprise's information construction has been greatly improved, and the WMS system has achieved seamless connection with the customer's MES system, realizing visual monitoring and digital management of the entire process of material entry and exit and product production.

This set of products has been recognized as the first major technical equipment in Anhui Province in the second batch of 2023. This not only demonstrates the deep integration and practical application of cutting-edge intelligent robotics technology and warehousing technology with the actual needs of the manufacturing industry, but also strengthens the determination of Yufeng Intelligent to continue to strengthen research and development and innovation investment in equipment intelligent manufacturing, and contribute to accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry in our province and promoting the construction of a strong intelligent manufacturing province.

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