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Continuous pursuit of excellence won awards | Anhui Yufeng won the quality award of the governor of Feixi County

Recently, the Feixi County Market Supervision Administration released a list of organizations selected for the second edition of the Feixi County Governor's Quality Award. Anhui Yufeng Intelligent Co., Ltd. emerged as a recipient of the prestigious second edition of the "Feixi County Governor's Quality Award."

The Feixi County Governor's Quality Award is primarily bestowed upon organizations that have achieved outstanding advancements in enhancing the quality of the economy, society, culture, ecology, management, and service. These organizations exhibit significant demonstration and driving effects while making positive contributions to the overall quality development of Feixi County. Anhui Yufeng has always attached great importance to quality management. Winning this award is truly deserving of "quality".

Innovation-driven enhancement of enterprise core competitiveness

Anhui Yufeng is committed to the development direction of "Survive on quality, thrive on innovation." It aims to transition from being a high-end intelligent logistics equipment provider to a supplier of logistics robots and intelligent logistics systems. With its visionary technological leadership and strong manufacturing capabilities, the company has successfully developed a series of logistics robots, including AGV, AMR, stackers, as well as software systems like the logistics robot navigation system, vehicle-mounted system, WMS, dispatching system, and WCS. These innovative solutions have found wide applications in various industries, including cold chain, medical, new energy, automotive, and electronics.

The company adheres to the R&D mode which is mainly based on independent innovation and supplemented by cooperation between industry, academia and research, and has achieved remarkable results in the construction of scientific research platforms and technological research, owning 33 patents for invention, 72 patents for utility models, 9 patents for appearance, and registering 27 software copyrights, and actively promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productivity, which greatly improves the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

●Some patent certificates display

Practicing Excellence Model Constructing Advanced Quality Management System with Multi-System Integration

The company regards management as the "soul" of quality and, throughout its development process, continues to learn and integrate advanced management standards and methods within the industry. It has taken the lead in obtaining the ISO9001 quality management system certification, establishing a comprehensive and systematic management system that supports the pursuit of excellence in quality. This includes integrating quality control into various stages such as "design and development, procurement and supply, production, quality inspection, and after-sales service," thereby forming a comprehensive and systematic quality management approach. Through this approach, the company has achieved high-quality and sustainable development. Moreover, it actively fulfills its social responsibility, demonstrating the enterprise's dedication to addressing the needs of the time.h

Insisting on customer-oriented quality development that unites the hearts and minds of employees

●The company regularly organizes senior management and marketing personnel to conduct customer visits, actively listening to customer feedback. This allows the business team to engage in "genuine and meaningful communication with users", ultimately promoting product quality. Additionally, facilitating customer visits to the factory promotes a close and firsthand understanding of the product production process, fostering a zero-distance connection.

●Quality management revolves around people, and as such, the company has implemented measures such as selecting outstanding work teams and individuals with expertise in quality, conducting 6S evaluation activities, and more, in order to enhance the level of management. Through a diverse range of methods, the company has systematically improved its performance system, fostering an environment where quality is given paramount importance, and where the implementation of processes and continuous improvement are integral.

Anhui Yufeng believes that the pursuit of excellence is just the starting point, with no end in sight. Looking ahead, the company is committed to continuously improving its enterprise quality management system and implementing the performance excellence model. It will focus on four key "driving forces", which are "hardware products strength, software algorithms capability, program ecological force, and all-around service force," in order to achieve product innovation and program optimization.

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