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Yufeng Intelligent focuses on the home furnishing industry and empowers smart logistics and digital upgrading of logistics

On December 21, the "2023 National Home Furnishing Supply Chain Summit" hosted by the China Warehousing Association Home Furnishing Supply Chain Branch was successfully held in Hefei. This summit, with the theme of "Collaboration and Linkage, Co-Innovation", centered on the home smart factory logistics system. Planning and construction, and enterprise digital and intelligent transformation jointly explore new paths for supply chain upgrades. Mr. Qian Jiulin, Vice President of Sales of Yufeng Intelligent, attended this summit and shared the case of "Integrated Solutions for Smart Logistics Systems in the Home Furnishing Industry".

Mr. Qian Jiulin focused on sharing AGV handling solutions and overall smart logistics solutions for the home furnishing industry. Through specific case demonstrations, he helped enterprises realize logistics automation and provided new ideas and options for the technological upgrading of home logistics operations.

2023 Recommended Brands for Home Smart Storage Equipment and Technology

At the same time as the conference, the 2023 National Home Furnishing Supply Chain Summit Honors Ceremony was held grandly. Yufeng Intelligent was awarded "2023 Recommended Brands for Home Intelligent Storage Equipment and Technology".

In the face of new trends and challenges in the home furnishing industry, Yufeng Intelligent focuses on the home furnishing sub-sectors and makes precise efforts in the digital transformation and upgrading of the supply chain in the home furnishing industry. It has designed multi-scenario customization and flexibility from the production end to the warehousing and logistics end. The comprehensive integrated solution covers customers' multiple series of products and equipment, and the entire operation process from production, transportation, warehousing to distribution, realizing home logistics innovation and adding digital intelligence to create a better life.

New trends and changes have brought new challenges to the supply chain of the home furnishing industry:

1. The main body of consumers changes and develops towards customization and flexibility:

Young consumer groups are becoming market entities, and personalization and customization have become new trends in the home furnishing industry. Correspondingly, companies are required to have more flexible design and production capabilities;

2. Technologies such as the Internet of Things promote the development of digital intelligence in enterprises:

With the development of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, smart logistics technology is more commonly used in warehousing management in the home furnishing industry. The smart warehousing management system provides warehousing management, incoming and outgoing warehouses and in-factory logistics for home furnishing companies, a more digital and intelligent management approach;

3. Supply chain changes put forward higher requirements for warehousing and logistics technology:

Taking the home appliance industry as a model, we will reform the supply chain structure, break the current multi-level and fragmented inventory status, fully activate and utilize social warehousing and distribution service capabilities, realize the separation of business flow and logistics, and unified online, offline, and omni-channel inventory management, but after reconstruction, the problem of how to deal with efficient and stable management of the logistics center will also arise, which will put forward higher requirements for the application of warehousing and logistics technology;

4. Diversity of product attributes:

There are many types of goods; the specifications vary greatly; the products are composed of multiple parts.

Home industry case sharing

Green profile automated three-dimensional warehouse project:

Most of the grown materials in the home furnishing industry are plate materials or pipe materials, and the difficulties in warehousing and logistics operations for grown materials mainly include several aspects: 1. The cargo of grown materials is larger in size and weight, and it is difficult to carry it during transportation. During the transportation process, special attention needs to be paid to the stability of the cargo stack shape, and assistance is required to fix the materials during AGV and stacker transportation;

2. Regarding the storage needs of bar and plate materials in the home furnishing industry, automated warehousing solutions usually need to fully consider the effective use of storage space and the work efficiency of operators.

Smart factory overall solution project for the sanitary ware industry:

This project is the first overall solution project in the industry, including vertical warehouse storage system, conveyor system, robot palletizing system, AGV distribution system and intelligent logistics software management systems such as WCS and WMS. The customer warehouse capacity has been increased by 83%, and the fixed assets have been increased by 83%. It has been reduced by 52%, labor costs have been reduced by 90% and operating efficiency has been improved by 4 times.

Non-standard customized intelligent handling projects:

There are many types of vehicles and materials in the home furnishing industry, and traditional AGVs cannot meet the needs of on-site working conditions. After comprehensively considering the actual conditions such as product and pallet specifications and industry characteristics, Yufeng Intelligent has specially developed a clamp-type laser trackless navigation AGV to solve the automated handling needs of box-type carriers, rock wool materials and other scenarios in the home industry.

Extended forks are mainly used in large vehicle applications in the home furnishing industry such as mattresses, wardrobes, and doors.

"Tailor-made" smart home logistics system project:

After having an in-depth understanding of the current situation and needs of a home furnishing company, Yufeng Intelligent customized an intelligent and efficient automated vertical warehouse for it. The first-phase raw material warehouse uses a double-extension turning stacker, and the second-phase project uses a double-extension extra-long non-standard custom-made stacker and an AGV handling robot system to integrate automated production of materials, automated logistics, and the handling and storage of lineside materials in the factory. An overall intelligent manufacturing system integrated in the same environment for unified scheduling and control.

The digital upgrading of the supply chain in the home furnishing industry is inseparable from the blessing of intelligent logistics technology. In the future, as the production capacity of the home furnishing industry continues to expand, Yufeng Intelligent will continue to develop smart logistics system solutions, promote the digital transformation of the home furnishing industry, and bring real and visible business value and better service experience to enterprises.

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