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Yufeng Intelligent won the certification of Anhui Province Provincial Industrial Design Center in 2023

Recently, the Anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology announced the 2023 provincial industrial design center recognition list and review results. Anhui Yufeng Intelligent Industrial Design Centre was on the list and won another provincial honor on the road of technological innovation. Winning this honor demonstrates that Yufeng Intelligent has provided strong support for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and has set an industry benchmark for the practice of strengthening manufacturing strategy.

Industrial design is the starting point of the innovation chain and the source of the value chain, and is an important means to achieve high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. For Yufeng Intelligent, every link a product goes through from concept to application is crucial. Under the guidance of the development positioning of a smart logistics system provider and smart equipment manufacturer, Yufeng Intelligent insists on in-depth R&D and innovation of its own core technologies and products, and creates different logistics application scenarios and overall solutions through software and hardware products.

In terms of technology, the "5G+ profile automatic palletizing and time-effective three-dimensional system" won the honor of being the first (set) major technical equipment in Anhui Province, and the "key technology development and application of high-precision composite positioning warehousing robots" won the honor of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Scientific Progress Award, and provincial-level specialized and new enterprise in 2023. The company's R&D strength is highly recognized.

In terms of products, Yufeng Intelligent continues to expand and update its product series through various methods such as optimization and iteration of existing products, continuous research and development of new products, system integration, etc., to provide the market with better products and services. In 2023, it successfully developed and delivered to the market various types of dense storage products such as four-way shuttles and shuttle warehouses; the logistics robot has been iterated many times and can achieve millimeter-level high-precision positioning and navigation and complete the entire process of intelligent handling. It greatly improves the flexibility and intelligence of operations. At present, it has completed the successful delivery of multiple projects in industries such as printing, 3C electronics, medicine, automobiles and parts.

With the influx of authoritative honors, Yufeng Intelligent has now formed a high-level talent echelon and established a stable core professional R&D team with strong R&D capabilities, high technical level, and rich engineering practice experience to provide industrial design services. The center provides strong talent protection. At the same time, it actively communicates and cooperates with many well-known universities and successfully transforms a number of intelligent warehousing and logistics technology achievements.

Yufeng Intelligent has obtained a number of national invention patents, utility models, design and other types of patent authorizations, and has been certified by authoritative organizations and achieved multiple product certification results so far.

In the future, the growth of the industrial design center still requires intensive work. Yufeng Intelligent will accelerate talent training, take technological innovation as the core, and continue to create value around the needs of the intelligent logistics industry; with product innovation and research and development as the goal, create a sustainable development model. Continue to polish the "provincial business card" of industrial design and steadily promote Chinese manufacturing enterprises to enter a new era.

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