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Yufeng Intelligent joins hands with high-end bathroom brands to build a green and low-carbon digital and intelligent factory
Yufeng Intelligent joins hands with high-end bathroom brands to build a green and low-carbon digital and intelligent factory

As the sanitary ware industry has entered a stage of high-quality development from high-speed development, people's demand for high-quality sanitary ware life has become increasingly strong, and major companies are working hard to explore solutions for a better life. Smart factories and "double carbon' energy consumption" are frequently mentioned in the manufacturing field. Advanced technological applications such as production process visualization and unmanned production sites are also defined as smart factory automation, digitization, networking, and intelligence. Focusing on the entire sanitary ware industry, which is developing towards the trend of intelligence and digitalization, it has entered a period of major changes that are accelerating elimination. No matter which port or link is involved, preparations should be made in advance. Upgrading to the upstream of value is an inevitable choice for enterprises.

The client in this case is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of integrated bathroom products. Its products are exported to many countries and regions around the world. It is committed to providing users with personalized and high-end customized services and creating new and high-quality products for consumers.

With the continuous expansion of the production scale of enterprises, traditional production methods can no longer meet the needs of enterprises. In order to comprehensively carry out the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, realize the intelligentization of the whole process of "production, warehousing, distribution and packaging" and create a future "super smart factory", customers and the Yufeng Intelligent has reached a cooperation to lay out in advance the strategic goal of smart factories transformation.

Project Background

Customers are actively responding to intelligent and digital transformation changes to promote efficient production, and have put forward higher requirements for the factory's warehouse area, distribution efficiency, warehouse management efficiency and accuracy;

The demand for factory storage capacity has increased, and traditional stacking of goods can no longer meet the current demand, resulting in insufficient space utilization;

Traditional manual forklift distribution involves high labor intensity, multi-floor transfers, and cumbersome requests for forklifts, leading to untimely loading and delayed finished product transfers.


The entire intelligent logistics system solution includes vertical warehouse storage systems, conveyor systems, robot palletizing systems, AGV distribution systems and other intelligent logistics systems, as well as intelligent logistics software management systems such as WCS and WMS, seamlessly connecting factory production lines, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. The entire logistics operation process of material packaging, storage, sorting, and distribution is efficiently connected with production and assembly. It integrates the use of automation, Internet of Things and other technologies to break data barriers, improve the level of intelligent management, and achieve efficient collaboration in picking, storage, and distribution.

Multi-type warehouse design meets customer product storage needs

According to the customer's product types, characteristics and storage needs, two vertical warehouse storage areas, namely the pallet warehouse and the material box warehouse, are designed to meet the logistics needs of customers' raw materials, finished products and spare parts. Among them, the pallet warehouse is equipped with five 24-meter-high Yufeng intelligent double-column stackers, and has achieved a total loading and unloading efficiency of more than 150 totes per hour.

Project Highlights

Smart factory data visualization system: The implementation of advanced technologies such as smart zone and the Internet of Things provides clear, visual, and intelligent platform support for material searching, deployment, operation and maintenance, and realizes digital management and intelligent decision-making. The construction of the visualization platform uses the all-round monitoring system, intelligent access control system, etc. to collect real-time data on all elements of the warehouse, such as personnel, vehicles, equipment, materials, and the environment, and monitor the warehouse operating environment in real time. At the same time, it integrates intelligent security technology to achieve Synchronous early warning and planning management.

Materials are transported in and out of the warehouse. RGV distribution is used on all three floors. A "one-track dual RGV" mode is designed for it to realize functions such as aluminum material picking and inbound and outbound storage, finished product inbound and outbound storage, and glass inbound and outbound temporary storage. While meeting efficiency requirements, at the same time, it improves the flexibility and timeliness of distribution and greatly reduces costs.
One track and two vehicles require the safety design of the electrical system, and also put forward higher requirements for the flexibility of the dispatching system to ensure that the RGV can handle flexibly without "collision" and other situations.

As the last step in shower room production, packaging plays a vital role in the storage, transportation and sales of products. This project uses a fully automatic palletizing robot system, equipped with a customized unmanned packer, using RFID technology to read the packaging dimensions and product parameters of the packaging conveyor line, and transmit them to the palletizing robot for palletizing, combined with an intelligent AGV handling system and an intelligent warehousing system , transporting and automatically warehousing palletized goods. The operation is flexible, accurate, fast and efficient, which greatly improves operating efficiency and meets the production needs of smart factories.

Customer Value

“Energy-Efficient Factory": AGV robots operate without the need for factory lighting, supporting 24/7 uninterrupted operations, significantly reducing factory energy consumption. During idle periods, AGVs automatically enter a "sleep" mode, minimizing their own energy consumption.

Intelligentization and digitization of the entire process: from material arrival, in-factory transfer, production, assembly, to finished product leaving the factory, the entire process is intelligent. In addition to the use of advanced intelligent production and assembly equipment, different forms of semi-finished and finished product warehouses, spare parts warehouses, and AGV and other smart logistics systems are used in the construction of intelligent logistics; systems such as WMS and WCS integrate equipment, materials and people efficiently. The connection makes factory logistics more efficient and continuously improves the level of factory operation and management.

This smart factory project integrates smart logistics and distribution, smart warehousing, digital kanban and analysis, order integration & production planning, production process control, full-process quality traceability and analysis, and smart distribution. It also has full-process information control, flexible storage and conveying can help the sanitary ware industry achieve intelligent and seamless connection of the entire process from the raw material end, production end, finished product end and logistics end.

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