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EFORK New Full Electric Pallet Stacker
Yufeng Intelligent 2nd Generation Pallet Stacker (Standing Type)
Brand: EFORK
Model: CDDⅡ
Payment: T/T OR L/C
Product Origin: China
Producing Time: 15-20days
Color: Orange / Customizable

Product Name: EFORK New Full Electric Pallet Stacker

In order to provide customers with better products and services, Yufeng Intelligent launched the 2022 full-electric standing type pallet stacker.

Product Description:

➤ Loading capacity: 1000-2500kg ; lifting height: 1600-5500mm

➤ The well-known brand control system has multiple automatic protection systems to provide a higher level of functional security.

➤Vertical brand gearbox, multi-functional solutions and flexible modular system, and optimized gear meshing technology can reduce operating noise and provide customers with high-performance and efficient use experience.

➤EPS steering energy consumption is reduced by ~ 20%, and the operation is accurate, which reduces driver fatigue and greatly improves productivity.

➤Without frequent adjustment, the damping spring can actively adjust the vertical drive unit according to the road conditions, reduce the impact of the ground on the drive unit, balance the force on the drive balance wheel, and improve the smooth operation efficiency.

➤High-quality hydraulic system with buffer, low noise, small vibration, good sealing, stable and reliable lifting and lowering.

➤Equipped with full AC drive system, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high efficiency, maintenance free, etc., which eliminates the trouble of replacing carbon brushes of DC motors and requires no more maintenance.

➤The emergency power-off switch is a standard configuration, just pressing the emergency stop button can cut off all power, the vehicle will stop immediately or the power will be cut off quickly in an emergency, providing safety protection.

➤Multi-function handle, integrated control (acceleration, horn, emergency anti-collision, lift button)

➤The gantry is designed with wide field of view and special channel steel, with high strength.

➤Magnetic navigation/laser navigation AGV can be customized.


Electric Pallet Stacker (Standing Type) CDDII 2022
Characteristics 1.1 Model No. CDD10II-30 CDD15II-30 CDD20II-30
1.2 Power Type Electric Electric Electric
1.3 Operation Type Standing Type Standing Type Standing Type
1.4 Capacity Q(Kg) 1000 1500 2000
1.5 Load Center C(mm) 500 500 500
1.6 Bearing Distance X(mm) 676 676 676
1.7 Wheelbase Y(mm) 1430 1430 1430
Total Weight 2.1 Total Weight(with Battery) kg 1075 1115 1135
Wheels,Chassis 3.1 Wheel Type PU PU PU
3.2 Front Wheel Φ×w(mm) Φ80x70 Φ80x70 Φ80x70
3.3 Driving Wheel Φ×w(mm) Φ230x75 Φ230x75 Φ230x75
3.5 Front Wheel Base b2(mm) 490 490 490
3.6 Rear Wheel Base b3(mm) 658 658 658
Dimension 4.1 Mast Lowered Height H1(mm) 2060 2060 2060
4.2 Lift Height H(mm) 3000 3000 3000
4.3 Max. Height When Lifting H2(mm) 3541 3541 3541
4.4 Handle Height h5(mm) 1308 1308 1308
4.5 Fork Clearence when Mast Lowered H3(mm) 85 85 85
4.6 Overall Length L(mm) 2099 2099 2099
4.7 Overall Width b1(mm) 850 850 850
4.8 Fork Size s/e/l(mm) 60/190/1150 60/190/1150 60/190/1150
4.9 Fork Spread b5(mm) 680 680 680
4.10 Min. Ground Clearence m2(mm) 30 30 30
4.11 Aisle Width for Pallet 1000*1200 Crossaway Ast(mm) 2610 2610 2610
4.12 Aisle Width for Pallet 1200*1000 Crossaway Ast(mm) 2710 2710 2710
4.13 Min. Turning Radius Wa(mm) 1729/1621 1729/1621 1729/1621
Performance 5.1 Max. Travel Speed(Unload/Load) km/h 5.5/5.5 5.5/5.5 5.5/5.5
5.2 Lifting Speed(Unload/Load) m/s 0.1/0.06 0.1/0.06 0.1/0.06
5.3 Decnet Speed(Unload/Load) m/s 0.082/0.112 0.082/0.115 0.082/0.123
5.4 Max. Climbing Ability (Unload/Load) 8/6 8/6 8/4
5.5 Brake Type Electromagnetic Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Motor,Charger 6.1 Driving Motor kw 1.5 1.5 1.5
6.2 Lifting Motor kw 2.2 2.2 2.2
6.3 Battery Type Lead Acid Lead Acid Lead Acid
6.4 Battery Vol./Capacity V/Ah 24/210 24/210 24/210
6.5 Charger V/A 24/30 24/30 24/30
Other 7.1 Control Model AC AC AC
The data is for reference only, and the details shall be subject to the actual vehicle.
Q1: Are you electric forklift factory?
A1: Yes, we are the professional manufacturer of electric forklift.

Q2: How about the delivery time?
A2: About 15-30 days based on different model. For the standard products, we may have stock and could delivery immediately.

Q3:  Is customized solution available?
A3: Yes, we can provide different customized solution.

Q4: Can you provide OEM service?
A4: Yes.
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