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Latent Jacking Backpack Mobile Robot

Latent Jacking Backpack Mobile Robot
  • Latent Jacking Backpack Mobile Robot
  • Brand:EFORK
  • Product Model:EKA10/15
Product Description:
The EFORK jack-up and backpack-type mobile robot lifts the shelf through the top lifting disc for handling, realizing "goods to people" instead of traditional "people looking for goods", effectively improving operating efficiency and reducing labor costs and labor intensity. The picker only needs to pick the corresponding quantity of goods from the designated location on the shelf in front of him according to the prompts such as the display screen. The jack-up backpack mobile robot is lifted up through the shelf as a whole, which has better mobility and flexibility than traditional latent and towed AGVs, reduces the cost and difficulty of plant layout, and improves space utilization.
Product Picture:

Product Data:
Mode EKA10 EKA15
Name Latent jack up AGV Latent jack up AGV
Navigation Mode QR code Navigation QR code Navigation
Communication Mode wifi/5G wifi/5G
Rated Load Capacity 1000kg 1500kg
Orientation Accuracy ±10mm ±10mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 30mm 30mm
Charging Method Automatic + manual Automatic + manual
Driving Direction Forward, back, and turn Forward, back, and turn
Battery Info 48V/40Ah 48V/40Ah
Safety Laser Obstacle Avoidance
Remote Emergency Stop
Mechanical collision avoidance
Laser Obstacle Avoidance
> Remote Emergency Stop
Mechanical collision avoidance
Alarm Mode Light Alarm, Voice Alarm Light Alarm, Voice Alarm
Driving Method Differential Driving Differential Driving
Minimum pick-up height 310mm 430mm
Move Speed (Full / empty) 1.0/1.3m/s 1.0/1.3m/s
The spin radius 606mm 606mm
Overall Size (length / width) 1100/793mm 1100/793mm
Self Weigh 290kg 370kg
Straight line left and right safe distance reserved size 100mm 100mm
Standard tray rotation diameter (excluding safe distance) 1565mm 1565mm
Note: The above parameters are for reference only. If the technical changes will not be notified separately, please understand.
Product Video:
Details Advantages:

compact body

The car body has compact structure, small width, high load, and small stacking channel, which can shuttle under the cargo chassis to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse;

Flexible route changes

The composite navigation mode of two-dimensional code and inertial navigation is adopted, and the positioning accuracy is high. Map virtual path to meet high flexible production. Paths and stations can be quickly modified to adapt to changes in warehouses and production lines;

safe and efficient

The dual obstacle avoidance measures of safety edge and laser obstacle avoidance are adopted to effectively ensure the safety during the handling process.

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