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Four wheel counterweight AGV forklift

Four wheel counterweight AGV forklift
  • Four wheel counterweight AGV forklift
  • Brand:EFORK
  • Product Model:EPD20
Product Description:

A four-wheel balanced weight AGV forklift that breaks through the bottleneck of the industry and is customized and modified according to customer needs can be customized to meet the needs of different types of materials such as pallets, paper rolls and soft bags in different scenarios.

Product Picture:

Product Data:
Mode EPD20-16
Name Counterweight
Type AMR
Navigation Mode Fusion Navigation+GPS
Communication Mode wifi/5G
Rated Load Capacity 2000kg
Lifting Height 1600mm
Orientation Accuracy ±10mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 121mm
Charging Method Automatic + manual
Driving Direction Forward, back, and turn
Battery Info 48V/300Ah
Safety Laser Obstacle Avoidance
Remote Emergency Stop
Mechanical collision avoidance
Fork collision avoidance
Alarm Mode Light Alarm, Voice Alarm
Driving Method Bridge drive 
Load Center 500mm
Stacking channel (Pallet 800x800)(1200 Span Fork Placement) 4050mm
Move Speed 1.0m/s
MinimumTurning Radius 2145mm
Fork Size 40/122/1070mm
Overall Size (length / width) 3490/1225mm
Self Weigh 3260kg
Maximum lift height (according to the possible height identification) 6000mm
Note: The width data of the stacking passage do not include
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