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MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), manufacturing execution system. It is a factory (workshop)-level management information system located between the upper-level enterprise resource planning system ERP and the bottom-level industrial process control system PCS. It takes manufacturing as the core and aims to improve the production and operation efficiency of the entire enterprise.

According to the definition of MES by MESA, the 11 functions of MES mainly include:

1. Allocation and monitoring of production resources;

2. Operation planning and scheduling;

3. Process specification standard management;

4. Data acquisition (device is connected online to collect real-time data and various parameter information, control system interface, generate production data records, quality data, performance information, and account accumulation);

5. Operation staff management;

6. Product quality management;

7. Process management (process control, APC, model-based analysis and simulation, interface with external analysis system);

8. Equipment maintenance;

9. Performance analysis;

10. Production unit scheduling;

11. Product tracking.


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