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Manufacturing has always been the industry most affected by human factors. In recent years, the labor cost of factories has been increasing, work efficiency is difficult to guarantee, and production capacity has fallen into a bottleneck, which has brought huge challenges to the growth of the global manufacturing industry. Secondly, there is a lack of timely and efficient means of information exchange between upstream and downstream, and rhythm differences and pauses due to logistics waiting are also one of the factors leading to low industrial efficiency. The information isolation between different software systems in the factory also makes it difficult for the entire production line to synchronize information during the work process. Various problems have forced the manufacturing industry to accelerate its transformation from "labor-intensive" to "technology-intensive". It has become an inevitable trend to upgrade traditional warehouses to intelligent warehousing. Anhui Yufeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., an "expert" in intelligent warehousing customization, can "tailor-made" intelligent warehousing solutions according to customer needs and pain points in work to realize warehouse management. "Cost reduction and efficiency increase" of work.


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