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WCS is a layer of management control system between the WMS system and the PLC system. On the one hand, it interacts with the WMS system, accepts the instructions of the WMS system, and sends them to the PLC system to drive the production line to generate corresponding machinery. Action, on the other hand, it reflects the status and data of the PLC system on the interface in real time, and provides a manual debugging interface for the PLC system and production line.

Lean: more detailed and comprehensive management of warehouse business;

Automation: Through the docking with hardware equipment, the automation of storage operations such as outbound and inbound storage is realized, and it is unmanned;

Intelligent: In accordance with the standard principles of inventory management (zero first, first in first out, inventory ABC, etc.), the "brain" of warehouse management is formed through computer algorithms;

Realize 8 steps of warehouse management: chasing, collecting, checking, storing, picking, sending, retrieving, and returning;

WCS core technology:

Modular design: Highly modular configuration, flexible design and easy expansion;

Algorithm: Path algorithm, anti-blocking strategy;

Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of equipment; professional and innovative UI design;

Secondary development: Support secondary development of scripts, etc.; support various databases such as SQLSERVER and MYSQL;

Data analysis: Automatically generate relevant chart reports; configurable data analysis functions;

Openness: It is convenient to connect with WMS system, supports multiple connection methods: API, Web Service, database, etc.; supports mainstream industrial protocols, and directly communicates with PLC and other equipment;

It can quickly connect with various general-purpose equipment to realize intelligent equipment operation;

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